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Staying hydrated in cool weather

We may be experiencing weather that makes you want to stay in bed all day, but did you know dehydration isn’t just a summertime issue?

Just because you see frost outside and dreary weather when you look out the window, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the need to keep your body hydrated.

Did you know winter can actually accelerate dehydration? This is because mammals have a survival mechanism that constricts blood vessels in cold weather in order to conserve heat and maintain body temperature.

Here are some tips that’ll ensure you stay well hydrated even during the months that make you go “brrrrr!”

Drink water

You actually need to drink even more water during winter even though you may not feel like it. Listen to your body: if you feel thirsty, drink water and don’t forget to monitor your urine. Urine that isn’t clear in colour, is another sign you’re not drinking enough water.

Be mindful of your sodium intake

This one is pretty much a constant tip but cutting back on how much sodium you’re eating will only improve your health in the long-term. While we know salty foods can make us feel really thirsty, they can also make us feel bloated. Keep in mind, there is hidden sodium in a lot of packaged foods so ensure you’re reading labels.

Keep your fluids up during exercise

It’s great to get out in the great outdoors and move your body. Just be sure to drink before, during and after your exercise session, even when you’re not feeling particularly thirsty.

Gobble up those water-based foods

When it comes to natural water sources, don’t look past fruits, vegetables and soups. As a bonus, each of these foods also tends to be high in natural vitamins and minerals.

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