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Terms and Conditions - Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village

Terms and Conditions for living at Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village are outlined in our Retirement Village Contract which is a legal agreement. 


You will be required to enter into this legal agreement with the village operator ‘Arton Retirement Villages (Newcastle) Pty Ltd before moving into the village.

It covers the Rights and Responsibilities of residents and the village operator (and management).  There are Village Rules that must be adhered to for the general interest and respect of residents and the operator. 


The contract sets out the Financial Terms of the agreement.  This includes the deposit, entry and departure payment, recurrent fees and any other payable amounts.  It is recommended to seek professional legal advice and ensure the Financial Terms and fees are clearly understood.

The contract outlines operational services provided by Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village, obligations when vacating a property and the departure process, condition and maintenance of a villa or serviced apartment and more.

This contract is subject to the provisions of the Retirement Village Laws.  For information on your rights and responsibilities under the retirement village laws contact NSW Fair Trading by visiting or calling 13 32 20.

Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village’s Terms and Conditions are laid out in the legal contract to ensure residents are aware of their Rights, Responsibilities and Obligations. 

For further information or clarification regarding our legal contracts Terms and Conditions, call 02 4951 6637

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