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An ANZAC tribute to Neville Davies

Ailsa Davies recently had the story of her father Neville Ambrose Davies told at a remembrance ceremony of Newcastle’s First World War soldiers. The story was included in a special service and commemorative CD launched at the Wallsend Diggers Club on the 22nd April.

The story tells of Neville immigrating to Australia and answers his country’s call and enlists for duty overseas with the advent of the First World War. It shares intimate letters between Neville and his sweetheart, fiancée Edna Mathews. It provides a glimpse into one man’s war-time experiences, both happy and tragic.

Ailsa has been studying and researching her family ancestry for many years and managed to find a connection right back to 1858 when her grandfather Daniel Davies initially came to Australia from Wales, UK. Daniel and his wife had lived in Tighes Hill, Newcastle with their young family.

Alisa has resided at Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village in Newcastle for nearly two years and keeps herself busy tracing her family tree, embroidery and playing the piano for the residents.

For further information on Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village call 02 4951 6637

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