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The perfect balance to make the most of living!

Travelling and enjoying life is easy for me after finding Jenny Macleod Retirement Village.

My two bedroom unit provides the ideal space to host family and friends in a safe and neighbourly environment. My unit feels so safe in fact, that I am more than happy to pack my suitcase, lock the door and head off on a new exciting adventure.

Two years ago, I discovered the magical Europe Christmas Markets. If you dream of the lovely scent of a real Christmas tree or the beautiful sound of Christmas carols, this is a trip that you should embark on.

I began my trip in Brussels in Belgium and then made a trip to Venice Italy to enjoy lunch on Christmas Day.

While in Italy, I saw the very famous Trevi Fountain in Rome on New Years Eve. This unique statue has an ancient history which goes back to Roman times and is something quite spectacular to see in real life. It was then on to Paris to experience dinner served with wine and much French ambience.

My trip has taken me to so many beautiful places and I enjoyed every minute of my adventures. But I didn’t stop there; I then made a trip to the United Kingdom where I travelled through England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

I had a ball seeing Shakespeare’s childhood home in oxford, where I got to experience a walk in Shakespeare’s footsteps and hear tales of his life from childhood stories to the influence he still has on theatre today.

The last trek of my trip took me to see the Viking Settlement that was unearthed in the 1970s in York Northern England. From there I went on to climb a part of Hadrian’s wall in Carlisle before setting out to attend the magnificent Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo which is one of Scotland’s greatest events stage at Edinburgh castle.

After a wonderful experience travelling Europe I ended my journey at the historical Roman Baths in Bath, and then made the trip back to Australia with lifelong memories to share. Upon arriving home at Jenny Macleod Village I found everything where I left it and my lovely neighbours keen to hear all about my overseas adventures.

By Judy Malone

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