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ANZAC Day at Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village

Our residents like to honour our returned service men and women each year with their own ANZAC service at our Community Hall.

On of our residents, Joy, invited her daughter Heather, back to play the bugle at our annual ANZAC Day service.

Heather started playing music at the age of 8 with Kahibah Bowling Club brass band. She played there for 11 years until the age of 19, at which time she then played with Cardiff North Lakes brass for roughly 16 years. Heather attended every ANZAC Day service during her time with these bands. She has extensive talent and has played several different brass instruments from cornet and trumpet to the euphonium and trombone.

This will be the third year running that Heather will return to play the ‘Reville’ and the ‘Last Post’ at our ANZAC Day service.

Following Heather’s performance, our village President, Ross, will cite ‘The Ode’ and upon his completion of the recitation, ‘We will remember them’ before we pay our respects with one minute of silence.

Following our ceremony at the village, residents enjoy a BBQ sausage sizzle and get-together.


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