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Can retirement villages help beat the rising cost of living?

The figures recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirm what a lot of older people already knew. With the highest cost of living increases in 16 years many are feeling the pinch. Soaring energy bills and the rising cost of food and fuel means some older people are having to choose between staying warm and eating well, or having enough to pay the bills.

It’s common to hear of older people avoiding putting the heating or air conditioning on to save money, but the reality is this can compromise their health and impact their quality of life.

Living in a cold home not only increases the risk of illness from lung and heart problems, but it can also mean family and friends are deterred from visiting, increasing social isolation.

Older people who are single can often be hardest hit. Not only is it lonely, but without a partner to share the expenses, the constant worry of paying bills can make it hard to enjoy life.

For those who find themselves living alone and without significant savings, the options can appear limited, but retirement villages such as Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village offer a unique solution for retirees.

Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village is a warm welcoming community that offers a range of independent living units, but one of the truly unique features of the village is the serviced apartments on offer.

The apartments are an affordable way to move into a retirement village and enjoy all of the security and fun that village life has to offer. The all-inclusive fee means residents don’t have to worry about heating, lighting, or meals. Laundry and household help are also on offer if needed.

Una lived in an independent living unit in Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village for 20 years. When cooking became a little harder and her family noticed she had lost a bit of weight, they thought some extra support would help her to continue to live independently.

They encouraged her to move to a serviced apartment in the village and although initially unsure, once she made the move, Una says, ‘I don’t know why I didn’t come 12 months ago. It’s just great'.

Village manager, Kim Simpson, says, ‘For those who need a little extra support, but are not ready for aged care, a serviced apartment is a fabulous option. Many of our residents say they didn’t realise how lonely they were in their own homes, but once they come here, they tell me they wish they had made the move years ago.

‘A lot of people would love to move into a retirement community, but for a single person, lack of funds can be an issue. The wonderful thing about a serviced apartment is that it’s such an affordable option. So, it is ideal for residents if they want to still live independently and enjoy all the activities on offer, without any of the worry of bills, or burdens of taking care of a home’, said Kim,

View the Jenny MacLeod serviced apartments, or contact the team to book a tour of the village.


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