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International Nurses Day with our wonderful nurse, Toni

This International Nurses Day, we are celebrating all the wonderful and hard work nurses in our community do for us every day. At Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village, we are very lucky to have such wonderful nurses to care for our residents.

We caught up with our village Nurse, Toni, to ask her about her nursing career and why she chose to pursue a career in nursing within the aged care industry.

Why did you choose to do nursing as your chosen career? It’s been a very rewarding career and will certainly be beneficial to my parents and nan when they are older so I can help look after them.

What does nursing mean to you? It means I get to help others in need. I do what I can in my scope of practice to make their day easier.

What do you enjoy most about working at the home? I would say the residents and staff. They feel like my second family. I love my job, and I know not everyone can say that, so I feel very fortunate and lucky.

What is the most challenging thing about being a nurse? Unfortunately, the loss of residents will always be the hardest part of my job.

What is your most special nursing memory? The bonds I have shared with residents and the appreciation they show always makes me feel very special.

We thank Toni for sharing her story with us and we send our many thanks to all our wonderful nurses around the globe this International Nurses Day.


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