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Our top tips for winter wellness

It is that time of year again where the nights are chilly, the trees are showing us their best colours and rugging up in front of the fire with a good book could not be more enticing. The thought of the winter approaching can be deflating especially knowing that COVID-19 and the flu lurks in the community. To help make sure you stay healthy this winter, you might like to try some of the following helpful tips.

Exercise The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise are endless. Exercise can decrease the risk of falls, improve socialisation, increase cognitive function, and supports a good night’s sleep. If you’re wanting to get started, be sure to head outdoors and embrace a gentle walk around the village.

Being mindful The benefits of practicing regular mindfulness results in better sleep, reduces stress and increase our overall mental health. Why not try some breathwork and meditation? Some great apps to get you started include Headspace and Smiling Mind and these are free to download from the Google Play or Apple Store on your smart device.

Nutrition The colder days invite us to reach for comforting, warm and hearty food, which isn’t too bad if we’re consuming foods that are healthy and nutritious. A wonderful way to consume those healthy veggies is in a stew or hearty soup.

Keeping connected to loved ones Staying connected to loved ones is important for our social and emotional wellbeing. If you have family and friends interstate or overseas, keeping in touch has been made simple with advanced technology. Some great apps you might like to try include Facebook, Instagram, Facetime (for Apple users only) and WhatsApp.

Enjoy nature Whilst the cooler weather may not be enticing to step outside, some of the benefits of getting outdoors include increasing vitamin D levels, reduce stress by stimulating the nervous system, and can also help us get a better night sleep. Jenny MacLeod is lucky to have Wallsend Brickworks Park on its doorstep which is the perfect place for residents to get outdoors and take a leisurely stroll.

Did you know that it takes around 66 days for a new habit to become a part of your routine? Why not try implementing some of these wellness tips into your daily routine and let us know how you go.

It’s important to choose the right level of activity for you. If you are new to exercise, or unsure about how to take it to the next level, speak to your doctor and they can advise you on what’s safe for you.


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