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Tired of waiting for your Home Care Package?

If you or a loved one is in need of additional support and have applied for a Home Care Package (HCP) you could be one of the tens of thousands who are forced to wait long periods to access the help they need.

While the government has committed to delivering 80,000 new packages throughout 2023, workforce shortages across the industry may mean funding allocated by the government can’t be spent because providers don’t have the staff to deliver the services.

Having insufficient staff can mean HCP providers often need to juggle shifts and alter visit times for clients. For many older people this lack of routine and consistency of care can be very disruptive.

For seniors who are not ready for aged care, but are thinking about home care to help maintain their independence, serviced apartments are smart alternative. Not only does downsizing to an affordable option free up funds, but having daily living needs taken care of makes life much more enjoyable and all services are regular, reliable, and delivered by familiar staff.

Jenny MacLeod Retirement Village is a warm, welcoming community in the heart of Newcastle, that offers ready-to-move in serviced apartments. From cosy studios, to spacious 1-bed with separate living area, all apartments feature a kitchenette, private ensuite and have secure access to an outdoor patio or deck area – perfect for catching up with friends or entertaining.

Village manager, Kim Simpson, says, ‘For those who need a little extra support, but are not ready for aged care, a serviced apartment is a fabulous option. Many of our residents say they didn’t realise how lonely they were in their own homes, but once they come here, they tell me they wish they had made the move years ago.

‘A lot of people would love to move into a retirement community, but for a single person, lack of funds can be an issue. The wonderful thing about a serviced apartment is that it’s such an affordable option. So, it is ideal for residents if they want to still live independently and enjoy all the activities on offer, without any of the worry of bills, or burdens of taking care of a home’, said Kim,

According to Kim, one of the major benefits to a serviced apartment is that because meals and services are already included, residents can use their HCP to fund the things that help them to live well, such as physio, podiatry, or aids to help them remain independent. ‘It really is the smart choice for older people who want to continue to live independently,’ says Kim.

If you are tired of waiting for a Home Care Package, why not talk to the friendly team at Jenny MacLeod.


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